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_____________________DOSSIER DE PRESSE  |  SOLO______________________



A POND IN MY LIVING ROOM  (LP)  //  album solo (2017)   [ Sofa Music ]



« When the grace vibes between the cuts, as in the case of this release, the style fences drop down, the potentialities of the work become infinite and the audio involements become total » [ Neural ]  (IT)



«  ... il resultato è bellissimo, quattro pezzi di musica incantata ed eterea [...]  

8/9 out 10  »   [ Blow up ]  (IT)



« a psychedelic and dreamlike state due to its hypnotic, microchanging nature and blurred out arrangement of overtones. Lovely! »  [ Nitestylez ]  (DE)



« In the four pieces he presents, he uses a multiple tracks of his playing mixed together and he created a true beauty here. » [ Vital Weekly ]  (NL)



« Like an action painter who works in oils, Lauzier thickens his timbres in such a way as to bring out new perceptions of depth and form. »  [ Musicworks ]  (CA)


« Mesmerico. »  [ Rockerilla ]  (IT)



«... with quivering oscillations, with light-dark vibrations, at the same time meditative and excitingly different »  [ Bad Achemy  //  issue 94 ]  (DE)



« Tout au long de cette plongés en eaux troubles, Lauzier maîtrise son sujet [...] Sa technique de la clarinette est aussi impressionnante que son travail avec les cithares et le laptop  » [ Le son du grisli ]  (FR)



« affascinante album. » [ OndaRock ]  (IT)



« Le clarinettiste fait preuve d’une maîtrise de son instrument qui s’apparente à une méditation zen, un exercice qui aiguise la concentration et qui met de l’air entre les idées. » [ Le Voir ]  (CA)



« The results are quite beautiful, exquisite and subtle drones, surfaces, and pulsations which have a benign effect on the listener [...] Excellent. »  [ The Sound Projector ]  (UK)


« penetrating sounds sculptures »  [ Nieuwe Noten ]  (NL)


« the straightforward approach and pure quality of this release make it a big success. »  

[ Chain D.L.K ]  (DE)


« The bass clarinetist on his second solo album manages to channel his exaltedness into meaningful channels [...] a pleasant shrill is created by overblowing and high overtones - but always full of care and reflection. 4 out of 5 »  [ Westzeit ]  (DE)




DÔME  (CS)  //  album solo  (2016)   [ Small Scale Music ]



« It's this ability of Lauzier's, to wrangle the unwieldy nature of his 'instruments' into an euphonious set of compositions, that sets DÔME up has an exemplar of high quality, installation-based experimental music. »   9 out of 10   

[ Exclaim! ]  (CA)



«...some of the most intriguing drone music I've come across in recent times. »     

[ Can you hear it? ]  (UK)



« However there are assemble, both 17 minutes single takes are surprisingly luminescent and joyful. »  

[ The Wire  //  issue 398 ]  (UK)



« La cassette est jaune comme un soleil, et ce n’est pas pour rien. Car Lauzier vous décoche de ces rayons en manipulant ces cordes rattachées les unes aux autres, fantomatiques, crépitantes, bourdonnantes... »  

[ Le son du grisli ]  (FR)



« DÔME is freaky and singular, a creative high point for thinkerers of the physical everywhere. » [ Cassette gods ]  (US)



« This is the kind of acoustic drone music that I enjoy a lot [...] Excellent release. »  [ Vital Weekly ]  (NL)



« Although conceived as drone-based works, both pieces draw attention to their variegated textures rather than to an underlying constant of tone or texture. »  

[ Avant Music News ]  (US)




TRANSPARENCE  (CD)  //  album solo (2013)   [ Schraum ]



« Equally jarring and hypnotic, his music sprays across the entire emotional spectrum »

[ Exclaim! ]  (CA)


« Transparence n’est rien de moins qu’un chef-d’œuvre »

[ Circuit ]  (CA)



« Something in the air: Outstanding solo set » "

[ The Whole Note ]  (CA)



« An engrossing listening »

[ The Sound Projector ]  (UK)



« Very impressive and captivating »
[ Monsieur Délire ]  (CA)



« these twelve pieces here, spanning forty-four minutes, make an interesting homogenous thing [...] many fine ideas.  »

[ vital weekly ]  (NL)

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