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Interspace - Costa & Lauzier new release >> Soon on Inexhaustible Edition/Tour de Bras  

sincronia vaga I
sincronia vaga II
sincronia vaga III
sincronia vaga IV
soft routine

Philippe Lauzier and Carlo Costa collaborated for the first time in December 2019 for a few concerts in Canada. All the music at that time was improvised, but over the course of the pandemic Philippe and Carlo started collaborating remotely by elaborating and exchanging some compositional work.

Sincronia Vaga (Costa) consists of four movements. In each movement there are a number of short motives, single notes and noise cells assigned to each player. These can be played in any order within a given time frame. The piece was conceived to be recorded separately without overdubbing one part to another. The two parts were overlapped in a second phase with some minor editing.

Soft Routine (Lauzier) makes use of two harmonic sequences of different lengths that dephase in counterpoint for a while before returning to the starting point. A constant synthesizer part coexists with a spacious percussion collage of bell resonances, rocks, woodblocks and drum head rubbing, as well as bass clarinet long tones and multiphonics.

Carlo Costa | pitched / non-pitched percussion & objects

Philippe Lauzier | bass clarinet, synthesizer, speakers & objects

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